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Paul's Camera Shop

Database Design to Leading-Edge Imaging Workflow.

From Database design to leading-edge imaging workflow. Paul's Camera Shop, a major retailer in the Christchurch area needed a new way of processing, well, EVERYTHING!

Using visionary tactics and current resources, Paul's Camera Shop is now able to process photographic orders from multiple locations on multiple PCs. This was an enourmous advantage to their professional clients as the new workflow improved the service back to the customers.

Generating interest
Implimentations of the Paul's Camera Shop system are now of particular interest to other photographic retailers in the area as well as Fujifilm NZ - the supplier of the industries leading hardware and software.

Web Development 

With the common way of  customers sending in their photos being email, Paul's Camera Shop had a problem. Customers wouldn't specify sizes and print options that were required to correctly print orders, which meant long wait times while customers were asked these questions. To rectify this problem, an online order form was required! Users needed to be able to upload their photos via the website, selecting sizes and quantities all the way.

Upload > View > Order
The process needed to be smart and easy. So when you get to the site, you are given the option to upload multiple files (as many as you want). Once your files are uploaded, you are shown you photos and select print sizes & quantities. Add your personal details and order!

Technically speaking
To reduce network traffic and load times, the website is hosted from the Paul's Camera Shop site, meaning no wait for lab staff when they recieve an order; all uploaded files are sitting on the network already. Using the GD library, an extension for PHP, to resize images, users are able to view their images online when choosing what sizes & quantities they require. This reduced bandwidth requirements on the server and customer at the same time.

End result
Users can now quickly and efficiently upload their images to the Camera Shop for printing and lab staff can print them without having to contact the customer for more details. 

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